Thursday, 25 May 2017

Reflect on my listening skills and/or preferred listening style in my interaction with my classmates, friends or family

Most people, most of the time, take listening for granted and it’s something that just happens. It is only when someone stops to think about listening and what it entails that he/she begin to realize that listening is, in fact, an important skill that needs to be nurtured and trained.

I describe myself to be content-oriented who are more interested more in what is said rather than who is saying it or what they are feeling. A personal experience would be during group projects, an implementation of a subsystem is needed for our tank project. If an idea/concept that was voiced out is not credible and is lacking evidence, I will probe into detail and focus on the facts before accepting anything as true. Once there is insufficient proof of concept and lack of persuasion skills, I will simply ignore the advice. 

The disadvantage of having a content-oriented style is I tend to ignore ideas that might sound implausible at first but will end up being worthy.

To sum it up, many types of listening skills are useful in a different situation and I think that having a few skills at hand would be beneficial.  (195 words)

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  1. I really appreciate the effort made with this extra post. :)


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