Thursday, 25 May 2017

Reflect on what you now know about non-verbal communication and its role in interpersonal relationships

Interpersonal communication is much more that the explicit meaning of words, the information of message conveyed. It also includes implicit messages, whether intentional or not, which are expressed through non-verbal behaviors.

I have learned the importance of non-verbal communication types such as facial expression, gestures and eye contact through a demonstration in a classroom which is sitting back-to-back while conversing on a certain topic. In my opinion, I found it hard to convey my interactions across without having the privilege to look at someone and observe their body movement as an indication whether the conversation is too boring. Thus, I have learnt to importance of seeing and reading body language to continue conversing as it increases trust, clarity and rapport to the other party.

Lastly, in some situations, verbal communication might carry more meaning than nonverbal. In interactions where information exchange is the focus, verbal communication is likely accounts for much more meaning generated. Despite this exception, a key principle of nonverbal communication is that it often takes on more meaning in interpersonal and emotional exchanges.  (176 words)

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