Friday, 11 August 2017

Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course (Blogpost #4)

It has been a long 13 weeks since the start of interpersonal and works communication module and the journey was challenging and yet fulfilling one. Right from the very first day of the lesson, I felt compelled yet excited to learn this module. I learned about the importance of communication skills, process, models, and channels as well. Thankfully, I have achieved the objectives that I set at the beginning of this course which is having a flexible and open mind to improve my body language as well as boost confidence level in public speaking.

Besides the objectives that I have set for myself, I also learned more about “Conflict management” and relationships in the workplace” where leadership played a part in the latter. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument(TKI) helped me to learn that there is 5 conflict management mode that will help me in working in teams as conflicts between team members are inevitable.

Adapting Danial Goleman Emotional Intelligence management strategy have also empowered me with the ability to identify my own emotions which lead to boosting my confidence level especially when I am doing a presentation towards a huge crowd. Personally. with this management strategy, I am now able to manage my own emotions knowing that it has the capacity to influence people around me both positively and negatively.

In forming a group of five team members, we displayed teamwork, mutual understanding, and trust to complete the video production as well as power point presentation. Being the leader of the group, I learned how to be effective and precise in spreading out a task for each member to complete so that everyone contributes fairly. In addition, I sincerely appreciate that my group members were very easy to work with and they did their assigned task when the deadline is nearing.

With other various communication strategies, such as the six seconds EQ model, it molded me into a better effective communicator that integrates me to stop, think and analyze a situation before speaking. Furthermore, I must manage my nonverbal cues to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Overall, the project and mini-presentations have been a lot of fun and challenging experience right from the start to the finish. As well as producing the five-minute video skit production regarding workplace abuse was very rewarding. This could not have been possible without good teamwork and everyone’s participation. Lastly, I believed that I became a better communication and I hope to work with my classmates again.

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  1. Thank you, Alfin, for this overview of your work in the module. You mention in the opening paragraph the goals that you had set for yourself and your opinion that you had achieved these. You detail the 'confidence' issue in terms of how you developed a greater awareness of self and the ability to influence those around you. I could see that confidence develop throughout your various presentation renditions, with the final presentation being quite effective.

    What would make the assertion more convincing in terms of your developing 'flexibility' in body language is an explanation of how that happened. What did you do while presenting that actually allows you to have this sense of more body control? How did you gain such control? What led to better awareness?

    You provide much more detail regarding your team's project effort. I saw that fine effort in action in terms of the products: the video, the storyboard and the presentation.

    For this reflection, it would be telling if you explained your journey: In your capacity as leader, what were some of the challenges you faced with the team? Did you have to overcome any disputes? How did you get everyone to participate equally?

    Whatever the case, it was good that you did have a team that came on board so resolutely. The improvements made in terms of the final presentation script and each member's 'talk' were clear.

    I appreciate your great effort this term, and wish you the best as your learning continues!


Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course (Blogpost #4)

It has been a long 13 weeks since the start of interpersonal and works communication module and the journey was challenging and yet fulfilli...